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A facial enhances the natural occurrence of exfoliation, which is the shedding or removal of fine layers of the skin. There are many ways to help the exfoliation process along, such as microdermabrasion, topical creams and chemical peels. When you increase exfoliation you are helping to generate faster production of new cells and decrease the thickness of the dead skin layer that is removed during the exfoliation process.

Exfoliation can result in enhanced skin brightness, tone, texture and firmness and it has a diminutive effect on wrinkling and dyspigmentation. Exfoliation can have a bettering effect on certain skin conditions such as acne, freckling and rosacea.
No two clients skins is the same and the quantity or methods of exfoliation differs as well. We recommend a consultation with one of our aestheticians to map out a plan for your enhanced skin rejuvenation that would include a regular exfoliation method.

Collagen Injection
Featured facial treatment- Microneedling technique used to improve appearance of scars, acne scars, stretch marks and burns. Treatment is normally done in series of 3-5 for best results.

Before and After

Hydration Facial
A standard facial designed to be tailored to each clients individual needs. You will leave with hydrated and revitalized skin.

Express Facial
30 minute hydration facial designed to be quick and refreshing.

Acne Facial
Our acne facial is highly recommended for those who suffer from adult or adolescent acne. Our treatment helps to defend against active acne and is helpful in the prevention of new breakouts. We recommend that you have a program of 6 treatments.

Gentleman’s Facial
This is a hydration facial specifically designed for men. The facial massage and cleansing movements are altered as to not irritate the facial hair.

Chemical Peels
Deep exfloiation with the use of an enzyme or chemical to brighten, renew, and refresh dull skin as well as help fight the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Deep Exfoliation similar to a chemical peel but with the use of a diamond tip applicator. Used for the same reasons as a chemical peel, however, not recommended for clients with active acne.

We provide lip, brow, leg, bikini, Brazilian, back, and underarm waxing.

We provide lash and brow tinting

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