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Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP)

Now Offering “Luminous” Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Face (facelift) and Hair Restoration!
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are a non-surgical, fast form injection which is used for medical and cosmetic procedures. This treatment uses a small sample of the patient’s own blood to extract platelets, which are then concentrated and reintroduced to promote re-growth. Blood platelets are rich with building blocks that the body uses to rebuild tissue and heal the body. In a cosmetic application, the platelets are directly injected into several sites on the skin to naturally form new collagen and regenerate tissue.

Before and After



Seattle-prp-facial-treatment PRP facial treatments (also known as Vampire Face Lifts) are comprised of natural substances your body already produces. There are no synthetic chemicals involved and the procedure takes under an hour. Unlike other treatments, which are used to target specific wrinkle lines or problem areas, PRP stimulates your own collagen renewal for complete rejuvenation, revealing a younger appearance and smoother skin. Because there are no unnatural components involved in the procedure, PRP treatments have a very low risk of causing adverse reactions.



PRP treatments for hair re-growth work similar to the way the facial treatments work. Platelets are injected at problem areas and begin to stimulate the growth of the hair follicle. While PRP treatments are still in the early stages of research, this usage shows great promise as a non-surgical, virtually painless treatment which effectively promotes new hair growth.
During the procedure, a small amount (10mL) of the patient’s blood will be drawn into a tube with a separator gel. The tube will then be spun in a centrifuge, which separates the platelet-rich plasma from other components in the blood, like red and white cells. This highly concentrated, platelet rich plasma is then injected into the patient’s skin (on the face or the scalp). Usually, there is no turnaround time and the patient is able to leave the office and resume their normal day. Patients will see a gradual, natural improvement as the PRP treatment begins to stimulate rejuvenation of skin or re-growth of hair.

If you would like to learn more about how PRP treatments can be used for facelift or hair re-growth therapy, contact Elite Med Spa today. Call (206) 946-1559



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