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Juliette Montague

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist


I offer Colon Hydrotherapy and guided healings My work serves clients that are looking for a nurturing guide to assist you in the expansion into your wellness, joy, and balance.


My gift to you as the client is to hold space for those of you who want to step into their truth as an infinite being having a human experience. Using my hands and insight to guide me, we will work together to expand you beyond the boundaries of illness, disease and discomfort.


I grew up in Hawaii with the Aloha spirit and a healing environment, nurtured by my Tutu (grandmother) she taught me to use my hands to give “healing light” to the birds that had flown into our big windows and revive them. Being a very energetically sensitive being, I would pick up on energies and not know that my thoughts and feelings were not always mine, leaving my nervous system out of balance to create an eating disorder at the age of 14.


I was introduced to colon hydrotherapy in 1977 which helped me to counteract some of the negative effects I was causing my body. Since then I have had a passion for learning anything that had to do with health, nutrition and healing modalities to bring the body into harmony. I look forward to guiding you on your path of healing to vibrant health.

With Much Aloha, Juliette


Licenses Certifications and Education

Licensed massage therapist in HI, CA NC 1997-2011

Reiki Master 1996

Certified Aromatherapist 1996

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 2005

Certified Reboundology 2006

Certified Ascend-Now Master Guide 2015

Certified Electro Lymphatic Drainage 2016

Other areas of interest and study The Body Ecology Diet The Blood Type Diet



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