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B12 Injections

The Elite Med Spa and Wellness Center

B12 – The benefits of B12 treatment

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays a very important role in many functions in the body, including:
• DNA synthesis
• energy production
• nerve cell health
• red blood cell formation
• neurological function

B12 is present in many food sources, mainly animal-based, where it is bound to the protein molecules in that food.

Vitamin B12 is separated from the protein during digestion and is absorbed into the bloodstream.

While B12 supplements and foods fortified with the vitamin are readily available, vitamin B12 shots are only available by prescription, so a clinical diagnosis is always necessary.

It is important to note that low levels are rare in most healthy adults because the human liver stores several years’ worth of vitamin B12.
However, some groups of people are more at risk of deficiency than others and may wish to discuss the possibility of B12 shots with their doctor. These at-risk groups include:

People with signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency

Some common signs and symptoms include:
• decreased cognitive function, such as issues with memory or understanding
• fatigue
• lethargy
• constipation
• feeling faint
• depression or irritability
• headache
• difficulty maintaining balance
• sore, swollen tongue, which may be pale yellow or very red
• heart palpitations
• mouth ulcers
• paraesthesia (pins and needles)
• vision changes

Contact us at The Elite Med Spa And Wellness Center and we can set up a consultation appointment for your series of B12 injections!

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