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Anna Pavliashvili, Licensed Hair Stylist



Anna Pavliashvili, Licenced Hair Stylist



My name is Anna Pavliashvili, as an accomplished Licensed Hair Stylist, Barber and cosmetologist, I am well versed in a variety of styles to suit your needs.


I am trained in the traditional American styles, I have also trained abroad in Europe, this combination in training gives me the unique ability to help you attain the look you desire whether it is for personal or professional appearance I can assist you with the look you desire.


I strive to provide the best customer service possible which is my trademark. I am also fluent in Russian, Georgian and Greek.


A satisfied customer is my reward!






Salon Barbor Services

*Please call for special packages and pricing of services offered*


Premium Cut 75min



Hot Towel treatment & Razor



Short Haircut 30 minute service



Buzz Cut 



One guard all over/ shampoo & condition 15 minute




Medium/ Long Haircut with Blowout  60 minute



Nose, Brow & Ear Wax 10min



Neck  Wax  15min



Shave Line 30min



Full Face Shave 35min



Beard Trim 30min



Fade Color for grey coverage 30min




Call The Elite Med Spa and Salon Barber – 206-946-1559

816 1st ave. Seattle, Wa 98101









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